Nel corso degli anni abbiamo dapprima fornito le botteghe dei borghi della città di Torino e successivamente i negozi, i piccoli supermercati del territorio ed attualmente numerosi bar e caffetterie.

In molti, ancora oggi, ricordano le nostre storiche miscele “Delizia”  e “Bella Napoli”  assaporando, con la memoria, il gusto, l ‘aroma e il profumo di queste.

Coffee beans shop

Our coffee beans shop proposes various blends that are toasted in our roasting facilities in Turin. Our 1960’s PROBAT roaster has been maintained with care all these years in order to preserve this unaltered antique roasting method that gives the coffee it’s unique signature taste: sweet and dense.
The art of our antique roasting method requires beans from only the best origins, our coffee blends are produced only from selected coffee beans, artisan roasted in order to bring out every single peculiarity of its origin.
The accurate selection of coffee beans, means only using whole beans, without flaws, washed and natural, accurately selected in order to guarantee the maximum quality for consumer of our blends.

Here are some of the origins of our beans:

Brasil 0

Number one global coffee supplier by quantity, provides both washed and natural varieties, a coffee with a dense taste and a cioccolate aftertaste, which is indispensable for “Italian espresso” blends.

Guatemala 0

According to us, one of the most important origins providing a quality that is both balanced and sweet, with notes of citrus and honey.

Nicaragua 0

A washed Central American arabica coffee, very aromatic, not too acidic, delicate and floral.

Costarica 0

Central American coffee with acidic tone, very fragrant.

Etiopia 0

The king African coffee’s, a reliable chain of supply, spicy aroma, balanced and light.

India 0

A dense, chocolatey and creamy coffee.

Coffee Bean supplier for coffee shops and bars

The roasted coffee beans that we produce is distributed to many bars and amateurs of the real Italian coffee who dispose of a professional coffeee machine.
With diverse roasting methods we produce excellent blends of coffee beans:

Coffee Beans Vecchia Torino Blend

A special blend that delights Turin in our clients coffee shops. It is the result of 10p years of experience. The “VECCHIA TORINO” blend comprises of six selected  arabica variants: an aroma that reminds of Orange flowers, with notes of chocolate, caramel, sandalwood,a dash of acidity similar to the one in mature fruit and a hazelnut aftertaste.

Coffe Beans Espresso Italiano – White blend

Blend of 100% arabica beans, for who loves to take many coffee and never say enough. A delicate blend, with notes of dark chocolate, pepper, malt, delicately acidic with a creamy and buttery finale. Distinctively fragrant.

Coffe Beans Espresso Italiano – Blue blend

A blend consisting of 75% arabica and 25% robusta. Appreciated by everyone, the classic Italian espresso. Overall a sweet floral fragrance.

Coffe Beans Espresso Italiano – Red blend

A blend consisting of 50% arabica and 50% robusta. Perfect for people who like a persistent taste, a cup that will give you the energy that you seek. A decisive blend contains fruity sweetness and spices, aroma with hints of almonds and grass, it also includes a gianduiotto aftertaste.

Coffee Beans 1kg Red

Intense blend of 100% selected robusta beans.

Coffee Beans Decaffeinated

A naturally decaffeinated blend by water. Contain inf. 0,1% of caffeine.
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