Nel corso degli anni abbiamo dapprima fornito le botteghe dei borghi della città di Torino e successivamente i negozi, i piccoli supermercati del territorio ed attualmente numerosi bar e caffetterie.

In molti, ancora oggi, ricordano le nostre storiche miscele “Delizia”  e “Bella Napoli”  assaporando, con la memoria, il gusto, l ‘aroma e il profumo di queste.

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La Costarica Caffè / Vecchia Torino blend coffee beans 250gr

Vecchia Torino blend coffee beans 250gr


Bag of coffee beans weighing 250gr.

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A special blend that delights Turin in our clients coffee shops. It is the result of 10p years of experience. The “VECCHIA TORINO” blend comprises of six selected  arabica variants: an aroma that reminds of Orange flowers, with notes of chocolate, caramel, sandalwood,a dash of acidity similar to the one in mature fruit and a hazelnut aftertaste. All mixed with care for a sweet and dense cup of coffee.

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 20 cm


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